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To engage in a dynamic, challenging, multi-disciplinary engineering environment as a key contributor in either a technical

or managerial capacity while bringing diverse experience, leadership, integrity, and innovation to an organization.


Locales of Interest

MAP    Connecticut:  Wallingford / Torrington / Hartford and surrounding areas

MAP    Indiana:  Noblesville / North Indianapolis / Anderson and surrounding areas

MAP    New Hampshire:  Claremont / Lebanon and surrounding areas



PDF    DOC      Chronological -- Technical Focus                                                                    Revised 8/16/2011

PDF    DOC      Chronological -- Electro-Mechanical Engineering                                          Revised 8/22/2018

PDF    DOC      Functional -- Embedded Systems and Controls                                               Revised 9/7/2010

PDF    DOC      Supervisor/Management                                                                                Revised 10/14/2010


Patent Information

PDF      US 8786242                 Method and Device for Controlling Load and Voltage in Voice Coils Issued July 22, 2014


PDF      US 8763639                 Electronically Controlled Valve and systems Containing Same Issued July 1, 2014


PDF      US 8118058                 Variable Frequency and Amplitude Dither for Electronically Controlled Valves; Issued Feb 21, 2012


PDF      US 8001993                 Dead Band Reduction in Electronically Controlled Valves; Issued Aug 23, 2011


PDF      US 7845370                 Equalization of Pressure in Electronically Controlled Valve; Issued Dec 7, 2010


PDF      US 7401541                 Servo Pneumatic Actuator; Issued Jul 22, 2008

PDF      US 20120074346 (pending)                Corrective Measures and Devices for Bi-Stable Flow Phenomena in Fluid Valves; Published Mar 29, 2012

PDF      US 20163729882A1 (pending)                 Motor; Published Dec 22, 2016

PDF      US 20163729885A1 (pending)                 Motor; Published Dec 22, 2016


These and Other Patent Filings               Revised 6/11/2014


Articles and Publications

PDF      Author, Technical Article; High power-density motors enable rigs to drill more efficiently -- E&P Magazine (www.epmag.com) -- Dec 2015    


PDF      Author, Technical Article; Getting the Most Out of a Rig by Integrating High Power Density Electric Motors -- Oilfield Technology Magazine (www.palladian-publications.com/publications/oilfield-technology) --Aug 2015


PDF      Author, Technical Article; How to Obtain Useful Information from Instrumentation -- Upstream Pumping Magazine (www.upstreampumping.com) -- Mar/Apr 2015    


PDF      Author, Technical Article; Last Word : Planning for Successful Electrified Fracturing -- E&P Magazine (www.epmag.com) -- Jan 2015    


             Author / Presenter, ASNE -- Electric Machines Technology Symposium (EMTS) 2014

PDF      Technical Paper -- Integrated Systems Approach to Induction Motor Selection and Design

PDF      Presentation -- Design and Selection of AC Induction Motors


MP4     Promotional Video; Ward Leonard Electric, LLC -- April 2014 -- Interview Clips at 1:33 and 2:53


PDF      Upfront CFD Uncovers Rare Flow Problem in Medical Respirator Valve Design -- Medical Design Briefs (www.medicaldesignbriefs.com) -- Mar 2011        


PDF      Co-Author, Technical Article -- Future Shock -- Design News (www.designnews.com) -- Jan. 2010              


PDF      Co-Author (non-credited), Promotional Article  -- Popular Science (www.popsci.com) -- Apr 2010    


PDF      CFD Software Addresses Rare Valve Design Problem (CFD technical article, publisher edited) -- Medical Design (www.medicaldesign.com) -- Sep. 2010


PDF      Medical Applications Tap Power of CFD -- Desktop Engineering (www.deskeng.com) -- Aug. 2010


             Author / Presenter, IEEE Mini-Conference for Connecticut, 2005 -- hosted by University of New Haven

PDF      Technical Presentation -- PID Control of a Voice Coil Valve  -- Nov 2005    

PNG      IEEE News Letter -- November 2005 (image copied from https://web.njit.edu/~ieeenj/nov05_index.html on 12/23/2015)


Other Technical Background Information

DOC     PDF      Summary of Technical Background & Experience                             Revised 7/13/2011

PPT      PDF      Representative Design Portfolio                                                         Revised 7/13/2011


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